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William Penn children with    

William Penn and Gulielma Maria Springett  — married April 4th 1672, in Rickmansworth Parish, Hertfordshire, England.

William Penn and Gulielma Maria Springett , his wife began homemaking at Basing House, Rickmansworth, in Herts.
They had three children born there, all of whom died during infancy and were buried at nearby Jordans.
A fourth child, Springett, was born at Walthamstow also buried at Jordans.
Four of William Penn children had a very short life.

Gulielma Maria Springett:  

1.     F.    Guelielma Maria  -                         
Birth:  23 January 1672 -  Rickmanworth, Herts.
Death:  17 March 1672

M.    William    - Twin
Birth:  28 January 1673 -  Rickmanworth, Herts.
Death:  15 March 1673

F.    Maria   - Twin
Birth:  28 January 1673 -  Rickmanworth, Herts.
Death:   24 December  1673, Rickmanworth, Herts.

     M.     Springett 
Birth:  25 January 1675
Death:  10 April 1696                    

william penn children, william penn children grave, jordans

 William Penn Children's grave at Jordans

5.      F.     Letitia
Birth:  6 January 1695 -  Warminghurst, Sussex, England
Death:  6 April 1746, Jordans

 M.      William  Jr.
Birth:  14 January  1678 -  Warminghurst, Sussex, England
Death:  23 June  1720  -  Belgium

7.       F.        Penn   -  Died as Infant
Birth:  January  1681 -  Warminghurst, Sussex, England
Death:  Warminghurst, Sussex, England

8.       F.      Gulielma Maria 
  - Died as Child
Birth:  17 November  1685  -   Warminghurst, Sussex, England
Death:  20 November  1689  -  Hammersmith, Middlesex, England                

                                       William Penn children and His Family graves at Jordans, England

william penn children, william penn grave, william penn family graves

William Penn children and His grave at Jordans


William Penn children with                   

Hannah Margaret Callowhill was born in Bristol, England, February 11th 1671.

In January 1696 she married William Penn in Bristol, England. She was 25 at a time and he was 52 years old. Hannah Margaret Callowhill was William Penn’s 2nd wife. 
Hannah Margaret Callowhill and William Penn had 8 children in 12 years.

Hannah Margaret Callowhill:             

 F.    Unnamed - Died as Infant
Birth:  1697

2. M.    John  - “the American”
Birth:  1699 -  Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania
Death:  1746

3. M.    Thomas
Birth:  1702 -  , England
Death:  1775

4. F.    Hannah 
Birth:  1703 -  , England
Death:  1707

5. F.    Margaret
Birth:  1704 -  , England
Death:  1771

6. M.    Richard , Sr.
Birth:  1705 -  , England
Death:  1771

7. M.    Dennis
Birth:  1706 -  , England
Death:  1721

8. F.    Hannah Margarita
Birth:  1708 -  , England
Death:  1709

William Penn children, namely four sons, John, Thomas, Richard and Dennis and his wife Hannah Callowhill Penn, inherited Pennsylvania after his death in 1718.
Four William Penn children and his wife shared the proprietorship of Pennsylvania Colony until their own deaths.
Two of William Penn children, Thomas and John visited Pennsylvania Colony in 1732 and 1734 respectively.  
John stayed till 1735 for a brief time, and was pressed to return to England over legal dispute over Pennsylvania and Maryland border.
Thomas stayed in the Provence for about 9 years, and after his brother’s death in 1746 became principal proprietor of the Colony.  
Out of other William Penn children, Richard never arrived in Pennsylvania Colony.

In 1778  William Penn children family was stripped of Colony Proprietorship when John Penn swore the allegiance to the America.
Remaining William Penn children, John and Richard retained privately held land and secured some 130,000 Pounds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania "in remembrance of the enterprising spirit of the founder, and of the expectations and dependence of his descendants".

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