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William Penn Welcome Ship sailed from Deal, England, leaving 31 August 1682, and arrived on the scene at the mouth of the Delaware Bay on October 24, 1682.

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William Penn Welcome Ship

Welcome ship was a square rigged vessel, 300 tons, about 150 feet long, high in the bow, and even higher in the stern.
The ship's master was Robert Greenway.
There were about 102 traveling passangers.
The voyagers’ record of William Penn ship Welcome has not survived.

Welcome ship has been among twenty two vessels that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in order to carry the very first 2,000 settlers to the Pennsylvania Colony in the years: 1681 - 1682.


The Colony of Pennsylvania was given to William Penn march 4th 1681. The government was established at Uplandt the capital Aug. 3, 1681, by William Markham, the deputy governor, as President of a council of nine others.
After securing the plans of immigrants’ arrival, the very first legal guiding laws were passed at Uplandt.
Uplandt- was a Swedish name what is now Chester -the tobacco plantation;
Indian name – Mecoponacka on the Mecapan-ackham - Chester creek.

Welcome ship safely avoided the genuine probable dangers on the ocean and clashes with the pirates, however an epidemic of smallpox taken away one third of the passengers and crew.

Long voyage on Welcome ship tested many during uneasy circumstance, and reevaluated human natural predatory instincts of fear and self-centered seclusion.
During the endeavoring journey on Welcome ship, William Penn was at his best, providing comfort in addition to consolation to the entire group on Welcome ship.
He committed all his time to assist the sick and tired, comforting of the dying and arranging funerals of the deceased.
Through the entire experience on Welcome ship, spiritual meetings were held to ease the burden of the voyage.

William Penn Welcom ship 
sailed the fleet of 22 vessels that brought new settlers to Pennsylvania Colony:

1. Bristol Factor - Bristol- arrived: December 15, 1681.

2. John & Sarah -London- arrived: March 1681/2.

3. Amity - London- arrived: August 3, 1682.

4. Freeman - Liverpool- arrived: August 6, 1682.

5. Hester & Hannah - London- arrived: August 8, 1682.

6. Lyon – Liverpool - arrived: August 13, 1682.

7. Friendship - Liverpool- arrived: August 14, 1682.

8. Mary – Bristol- arrived: August 15, 1682.

9. Society – Bristol- arrived: August, 1682.

10. Golden Hinde - London- arrived: September 18, 1682.

11. Samuel – London - arrived: September 18, 1682.

12. Friends Adventure - Liverpool- arrived: September 28, 1682.

13. Providence - Scarborough- arrived: September 29, 1682.

14. Elizabeth Ann & Catherine - London- arrived: September 29, 1682.

15. Hopewell - London- arrived: October, 1682.

16. Lamb - Liverpool - arrived: October , 1682.

17. Bristol Factor - Bristol - arrived: October, 1682.

18. Welcome – London - arrived: October 28, 1682.

19. Jeffrey – arrived: December, 1682.

20. Antelope - Belfast - arrived: December, 1682.

21. Unicorn – Bristol - arrived: December, 1682.

22. Submission – Liverpool – arrived: December, 1682.

Welcome ship took the longest time to reach Pennsylvania Colony - 54 days. 

    Richard Townshend, a fellow-voyager, 
    declared: "his good conversation was very 
    advantageous to all the company. His singular 
    care was manifested in contributing to the 
    necessities of many who were sick with the 
    smallpox. . . . We had many good meetings on 

    William Penn Welcome ship concluded the 
    voyage in 57 day, which was much longer than 
    usual. Average travel time during those days 
    was about one month.

    On December 29, 1682, William Penn sent a 
    letter stating:
    "I thank God I am safely arrived, and 22 sail