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                            Penn Treaty Park
                      in Historic Philadelphia Fishtown

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fishtown, philadelphia fishtown

penn treaty park, fishtown

Philadelphia neighborhood Fishtown – home of the Penn Treaty Park:
Delaware and Columbia Avenues.

penn treaty park, william penn treaty, fishtown

Obelisk Monument of the Treaty Ground at Penn Treaty Park erected in 1827.
   Along the edges of the Delaware River, at the 
   ancient “place where Chiefs are made”, the
   alluring Penn Treaty Park serves as a 
   reminder of the unbroken faith of humanities.

   This land was called Shackamaxon by the 
   Lenape Indians.
   It was here in 1682, where the Great Elm Tree 
   once stood, William Penn and Native Indians 
   made a Treaty of Love, Peace and Amity.
   It was a symbol of honesty, purity and integrity.

penn treaty park, william penn treaty, fishtown

William Penn Statue in Penn Treaty Park unveiled 1982
   Over time, there were many efforts taken to 
   save this historic land.
   It was not until 1892 that the City of 
   Philadelphia decided to acquire the plot and to  
   establish Penn Treaty Park. 
   Before that, in November 24, 1827 Penn Society 
   erected an Obelisk, a memorial Monument 
   commemorating Penn’s Treaty.   It contains the 
   following wording:

Treaty Ground of William Penn and the Indian Nations 1682
Unbroken Faith.
William Penn Born 1644. Died 1718.
Pennsylvania founded 1681 By Deeds of Peace.
Raised by the Penn Society A. D. 1827
to mark the site of the Great Elm Tree.

The official opening Day celebration of the Penn Treaty Park was, October 12th 1892.
This special event date also represented the 211th Anniversary of the landing of William Penn.
Unfortunately, just 20 years of the Park existence, signs of neglect were already showing up.
The City was not eager to upkeep the grounds. 

After the World War II, Fishtown residents took action to clean up and restore the Penn Treaty Park that became a real nuisance. Once again Fishtown community expressed its attachment to this historic site.
The year 1982 marked the 300th anniversary of Penn Treaty of 1682.
Numerous activities for the Tercentenary celebration were held at Penn Treaty Park, including the reenactment of the Great Treaty.

As the Philadelphia’s neighborhood Fishtown entered a new chapter in its history, new energy formed an involvement of old-timers and newcomers to commit and infuse Penn Treaty Park with new breath of life.
Today’s Penn Treaty Park draws all type of crowds.
It has walking paths, a playground, picnic tables and benches and an amazing view off the Delaware River.  The weekends are filled with picnic parties, kite flyers, fishermen, ball players, or just strollers.
Over the summer many whole day events are organized by local civic organizations that bring thousands of people. In many instances Penn Treaty Park became the talk of the town.

penn treaty park, bob haozous, fishtown, philadelphia landmarks

Bob Haozous Penn Treaty sculpture at the edge of Penn Treaty Park.

   Bob Haozous designed double heavy metal steel 
   sculpture incorporating figures from the 
   original wampum belt, together with 
   contemporary symbols of airplanes flying in
   the cloudy skies.

   The sight view changes with different 
   prospective thanks to positive-negative 
   transposition of the  two plates.
   The actual rusty iron appearance of  the Penn 
   Treaty sculpture compliments the  industrial 
   manufacturing surroundings of the  area.  
   The two figures taken from the original 
   Wampum  Belt symbolize the friendly 
   encounter  between Native Americans and new 
   settlers, as well as commemorating Penn’s 
   Treaty itself.
   The sculpture is placed on a triangular land on 
   the edge of the Penn Treaty Park.

Slideshow of Penn Treaty Park

At Last - Pent Treaty Park has been recognized
by Philadelphia Historical Commission and placed on the Registrar of Philadelphia Historic Places. - May, 2012

Love is indeed Heaven upon Earth; since Heaven above would not be Heaven without it: For where there is not Love; there is Fear: But perfect Love casts out Fear. Love is above all; and when it prevails in us all, we shall all be Lovely and in Love with God and one with another.

penn treaty park, william penn treaty, fishtown

Penn Treaty Park Recognition Ceremony
    There are occasions when we experience 
   that life’s predicaments aren't often just 
   what many of us may possibly desire 
   them  to be. Truth be told there 
   occasions within our day-to-day lives 
   when matters tend  not to proceed as 
   Nevertheless we simply cannot permit 
   those unforeseen hurdles keep us back 
   again from getting our attempts directly 
   into selecting a route to perform in 
   direction of our own desired goals.

For ages numerous extremely dedicated men and women persisted upon recognizing Penn Treaty Park as being a historical spot. And for generations nothing at all transpired.
It had taken more than two hundreds of years for it to be a community Park.
Lots of individuals treasured and looked after this specific location, committing their personal believe as well as dreams within the significance of conservation.

At last, after a period involving attempts Penn Treaty Park has been identified and listed by Philadelphia Historical Commission. To Commemorate this crucial landmark, Penn Treaty Museum prepared a commemoration on May 12, 2012 in Penn Treaty Park.
Numerous friends and neighbors as well as proponents gathered to commemorate this specific vital stage in conserving Penn Treaty Park as a Historic Landmark.

This location is a lot more than simply any playground. It’s much more than merely “where it all began”.
It is really a Place of Peace and Tranquility, a place with Spirit that resides amongst us all.

penn treaty park, fishtown

There is always something going on in Penn Treaty Park