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The Motto in William Penn  Coat of Arms - Penn Crest  happens to be assimilated through verse in Quintilian, of which implies that the keywords: “Dum Clavum Rectum Teneamhad been proverbially utilized by the Romans, any time they desired to declare: “ Let us do our duty, whatever the result may be”.

Quintilian believes that public speaking is surely an art, and the presenter ought to be judged by his faithful observance of the fundamentals associated with this craft, and not purely by success.
Penn Coat of Arms - Penn family Creast:

Dum Clavum Rectum Teneam - the thoughts suggest then, that appropriate as well as devoted effectiveness of responsibility is the standard through which men needs to be judged, and not success, which might be granted or turned away by lucky chance instances.

Penn Coat of Arms - Penn Crest Motto can be translated as:
"The Line of Right as well as Glory".

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Penn Crest - Penn Coat of Arms

A Coat of Arms is really a distinctive heraldic layout over a shield or shield-shaped emblem or on a surcoat or outer garment commonly worn in the Middle Ages utilized to protect and safeguard battle suits and to recognize the individual wearing.
Hence the word is frequently mentioned as "coat-armor", due to the fact it has been anciently shown on the front of a coat of cloth.
The coat of arms on a shield styles the main component of the complete heraldic accomplishment featuring its shield, supporters, crest and motto.

Coat of Arms
design and style is a symbolic representation exclusive to a specific individual, and also to his family.

Penn Family Crest: Penn Crest - Penn Coat of Arms   


William Penn’s ancestral roots haven’t been absolutely determined deeper back than his great-great-grandfather, who carried the identical name …. However the indication appears adequate that his family has been formerly Welsh.

Penn Coat of Arms: Argent, on a fess Sable three plates, are the exact as the ones from the Penns of Penn in Buckinghamshire as of 1575 - 1634 as well as identical also to those of the Penne family group of Shropshire as of 1564 - 1620.