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fishtown, philadelphia fishtown

fishtown, philadelphia fishtown

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History of Philadelphia, cannot be told without starting first with the Philadelphia Kensington, and Philadelphia Fishtown evolution.

Historic Philadelphia neighborhood Fishtown, did not experienced any expansion until early 1700’s. Prior to William Penn arrival, this place was known to Native Americans as Shackamaxon.

In 1729 wealthy Englishman from Barbados, Anthony Palmer, acquired close to 200 acres of land to develop as a new town. Palmer named it Kensington, after England Kensington monarchy. Soon after, Kensington has evolved into an enormous growth. The waterfront expansion and commercial fishing activities has evolved into a birth of a Fishtown district, bounded by Delaware River, Frankford Avenue on the West, and Norris Street on the North-East.

fishtown, kensington, historic philadelphia

Historic Philadelphia Neighborhood Fishtown

fishtown, philadelphia neighborhood, philadelphia fishtown   Historic Philadelphia Fishtown
History and Present Day of a
Philadelphia Neighborhood Fishtown

Historic Philadelphia Kensington
Creation of a town that became
Philadelphia Kensington 

Philadelphia history fact reveals that as part of the Kensington Empire, Fishtown was active participant in the economic and residential expansion in America in the mid-1700.
By roads and water  Kensington and Fishtown were bustling with commerce. Historical Philadelphia started to flourish as center of arts and education, science and industries.

Not many landmarks were preserved in Fishtown.

palmer cemetery, fishtown, kensington burial ground, historical philadelphia  Kensington Burial Ground
Fishtown neighborhood residents free plots, as desired by its founder.
kensington methodist episcopal church, old brick church, fishtown  Kensington Methodist Episcopal "Old Brick" Church - the oldest church in Kensington and Fishtown. Founded in 1809, and rebuilt in 1854 at which time “old bricks” were used of the former church, thus name “Old Brick” Church. 
 delaware river shad, fishtown shad, historic philadelphia Shad – once upon a time Delaware River estuary served as a primary breeding ground of “the poor man’s salmon”- American shad. 

     There are many hidden gems in historical 
     Philadelphia neighborhoods waiting to be 

    Nested in the heart of Philadelphia Fishtown neighborhood
   First Presbyterian Church in Kensington serves the community 
     with passion and open arms to all ………

  Shackamaxon  (Read more...)      Lenape Indian village along the Delaware River, where they first met with William Penn.  Peaceful Treaty was established between them in 1682 along those shores what is now known as Penn Treaty Park in Fishtown.

 Site along the Delaware River in Fishtown is undergoing the expansion of the Interstate highway 95, where archaeological dig takes place;
Forgotten streets names that were initially used in historical Philadelphia;
The annual Philadelphia Memorial Day ceremony through the streets of Fishtown;
Pioneering transformation of historical Philadelphia industrial land into sustainable green farm. 

Philadelphia Archaeology
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Fishtown's old streets names
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Urban Greens
Grow Farm

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Memorial Day Commemoration
 (Read more...)

Recreation centers and Libraries in most communities as they do in Fishtown play integral part of the neighborhood existence.
They are the Heart of the community. They strengthen community through programs and services enhancing personal growth and development. They offer residents the opportunities of strengthening knowledge, gatherings, or a full array of physical activities.



i-95 construction philadelphia, interstate 95, 95 construction improvements

 I-95/Girard Ave Interchange revitalization and expansion Project phased into 5 Section and 3 miles long will stretch out for 10 years.  It will create 10 lanes on I-95 reducing traffic jams, better access to Delaware Ave., and whole riverfront.
                      I-95 Construction/ Expansion in Philadelphia Fishtown 

   Fishtown Fish
Pictures Gallery of the community’s symbol lasting for generations.
   Fishtown Beautification 
- It’s more than just “curb appeal”, it’s a community pride.
   Resurgence in Fishtown Real Estate attracting new people with a diverse background, innovations and dynamism.    Mixing  old and New construction in Fishtown, with a goal of preserving the uniqueness of this Philadelphia neighborhood.

fishtown, philadelphia images

Philadelphia Fishtown Images.