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On the banks of the Delaware River, directly northeast of center city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you'll discover a little and radiant neighborhood referred to as
This unique and energetic Fishtown neighborhood is full of history, arts and culture.
It is also home to the monumental place where William Penn and the Lenape Indians made the Treaty of Amity and Friendship in 1682 known as Penn's Treaty.

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Where It All Began:

This distinctive as well as dynamic community of Fishtown is filled with historical past, artistry as well as tradition.
What's more, Fishtown is a place to the actual monumental location where William Penn and the Lenape Indians sealed the Treaty of Love, Peace and Friendship in 1682.
its identity.
German fishermen along with their people populated the particular riverfront area and ruled the fishing marketplace. Those German fishermen and people are attributed with establishing the actual neighborhood heritage of Fishtown Philadelphia. was created to share my passion for Philadelphia’s history and photography.
It’s infused with the human voice of preserving the past and the spirit of today to preserve the memories.

You’ll find here many little known snippets of historical facts as well as 1000’s of photographs. 
I spent years of researching written records and documents. I photographed Philadelphia and Fishtown scene for many years as well.

Re-Discover FISHTOWN on this website with 1000’s of photographs and articles!

                    Fishtown Philadelphia has been initially identified as Shackamaxon village.
The very first habitants of the region have been Native Americans - Lenape Indians, also known as Delaware Indians, who farmed as well as fished around the agriculturally flourishing terrain.

Early nineteenth century, Fishtown Philadelphia not merely grew to become the leader within the shad fishing marketplace on the Delaware Area but additionally gained

fishtown, philadelphia images Wondering the streets of Fishtown, a Philadelphia, Pa. neighborhood.

Throughout the middle to later nineteenth century, Fishtown grew to become much less of a farming homeland and far more of a manufacturing center for the fabric marketplace. Philadelphia grew to become one of the main leaders in industrialization.

fishtown, shackamaxon, philadelphia landmarks

It All Started here - Shackamaxon - Fishtown
   After that, in 1923, life altered 
   substantially, the Great 
   Depression took the country off
   their feet. The actual 
   manufacturing market started 
   its continuous downfall and 
   Philadelphia all together 
   encountered substantial 
   degeneration. The spectacular 
   industrial facilities started to be
   deserted complexes, becoming 
   actual physical pointers close 
   knit communities, Fishtown Philadelphia worked to enhance its identity and preserve its charisma.

Nowadays many forego industrial facilities have been completely transformed into flats as well as creative lofts. Numerous coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, as well as shops are found alongside Girard Avenue. The local Fishtown community gathers frequently for parades, fairs as well as concert events.
Today’s Fishtown Philadelphia is comprised of Polish, German, Italian, Irish immigration along with a significant populace of college students, young music artists along with visual artists.

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